Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why prefolds? Why wovens? Why pins?

Three questions I get asked often:

Why prefolds?

Although I love fitteds...I will never have enough money to afford a stash big enough to use only fitteds (the ones I prefer are in the $22-35 range). Prefolds do the same job at a fraction of the cost. So why do I sell expensive prefolds? Because even prefold loving moms want cuteness and color too. I have a love of fabric and a love of prefolds....selling embellished prefolds is not only something I know how to make well....but something I use.

Why wovens?

Why do I use woven fabric when knits are "hot" in the cloth diapering world.....because I prefer the prints I find on wovens AND the fact that they look newer longer. If I'm going to sell a pretty diaper....I want it to stay pretty. Not look faded and worn after the first 10 washes. Yes wovens do fade but not as fast as knits do. Ribbed knits especially drive me nuts...when they get pulled and it makes lines in the design...not cute. Especially when you're paying $30+ for the diaper.

Why pins?

I love snappi's too but if you're going to use cute prefolds is safer to pin. Even snappi warns on it's packaging to cover the snappi so the child is not injured by it. Snappi's (like all rubber bands) wear out and break/snap on occasion. I've had a snappi break...but never a pin. Pinning is easy but it does take a bit of practice on a non-wiggly baby. I practiced on a teddy bear until I felt comfortable to pin regularly on my boys. I pin most of the time now since it's summer and we're coverless almost all day long.

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